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In my deepening understanding and clarity on human performance and achievement, I have made some strides this year. Much of that is in great part to a seminar I went to which talks about 'radical appreciation'...and as I see it, what lies before that is 'radical recognition'. Over the past couple years I have listened to a few various CD's on leadership, business, and education- they all have one thing in common as far as getting people to improve; building relationships through recognition and reinforcement of the positive. Almost where ever you go digging for this kind of stuff, it all comes around full circle to be the same thing. I stated on the previous 'success' posting that kids need more 'stuff' i.e. trips, snacks, trinkets, snowboards to help perpetuate their success. I have failed to realize that although those things are often invaluable, the true need, the truly needful things that must be in place is ability to give energy and attention to those whom have only small windows of what most individuals would recognize as success. Approximation towards desired behaviors needs to receive summer like sunshine-like energy for success as opposed to the passive and semi-mono tone expressions that we so often give kids who are giving it their all and are only making meager strides.

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While attending a week long conference in Tucson this past January, a gentleman said of the Nurtured Heart Approach, "This form of communication is the paintbrush I have been looking for to express myself." I feel equally the same.


A quote from one of Glasser's books epitamizes my extensive classroom experience with the ED population:

"We have found time and time again with this approach that the real awakening happens through the avenue of success, not through punishment.

(This) is where the child's awakening (or enlightenment) happens at the deepest, most joyous, most constructive way. When children come to like the feeling of success and the internal sense of strength and thriving that comes with it, they clearly reinvent themselves to live their lives in successful ways. That's inner wealth"


I am convinced there is no better way to facilitate the emotional growth and healing of our students (and all people?) than this program and approach. I am grateful to be part of it.




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I'm just beginning bridging the gap between my previous methods of working with ED kids, to fully embrace the NHA. I would great appreciate any ANY, any, information on how you use it in the class room...


Neils Wright


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