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  • Themes for 2010-2011

    Posted by Shane / on 07/12/2010 / 1 Comment

    The term 'life-long learner' is one that I wonder if all educators truly believe in and personally adopt. I know I was and sometimes am a little...intimidated, by that phrase. Most specifically when it comes to the traditional academic learning models, research, and study. I had a couple thoughts that might help all of us out in that area. Please share if you have your own....

    1. 3, 4, or 5 individuals agree to be researchers for each half of the school year, starting with this Fall/August and then switching to a new group in January. These individuals are responsible for finding ..
  • Need for 'Receptive Communication' goals for each student...

    Posted by Shane / on 05/21/2010 / 0 Comments


    Still getting a feel for the organization of this site and where things are best posted…

    I tried to attach the article here which did not work too well but it can be found in the ‘File Cabinet’ drop down. The “Discussion” area on the last few pages boils everything down and is the quickest read. Maybe worth printing out and reading with your classroom staff…

    Just found some credible data stating that 44.2% of Elementary/Middle School students and 29.4 of secondary students have trouble, in two longitudinal surveys: SEELS and NLTS2 both focusing specifically on ED, with reciprocal ..

  • Future employment/Networking

    Posted by Shane / on 04/29/2010 / 0 Comments

    My current position at Live Oak Middle School was happened upon with some assistance from a co-worker, Trent, at Sutter County. In addition to sharing practices to enrich our classrooms and teaching skills, this site is a great opportunity to rub-shoulders and to network a little bit. I look forward to reading information, both personal and professional, about other individuals that are working in E.D.

  • Introductions

    Posted by Shane / on 03/30/2010 / 0 Comments


     Hello all- Keeping in mind the 'refiners fire' that many of us transition through while teaching in the ED population it seemed a great idea to create a place where those who serve these students could discuss our successes, pose our questions and elevate each other personally and professionally. 

      Lets see how it goes! -Shane


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