Question about collaboration... ED folks are fringe but we collaborate...

These are some questions I would like my music director folks to ponder... Please leave some feedback if ya want to. We are looking at modifying the way we do elementary music in our district and are exploring options. Thanks in advance!

First question: How does the elementary/middle school music program work in your district? Is it a pull out, drop in, or other style of program?
Second question: How successful is your program in (A) Getting students involved; (B) Retention; and (C) Working around the various intervention/remediation classes.
Finally, what kinds of communication protocols are in place between teachers, students, and parents to ensure the progress of the students is proficient in all classes?
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  • Neils Wright: I think that all three of these questions are at the heart of the areas with the least amount of teacher prep. I want to hope that it is because "each program is different" but I think more it is that a the type/quality of collaboration is either a novel concept or just not done. Another hardship is the "other programs" go by the wayside and fend for themselves...

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